Star Spoofs

Hi Leonhart178 -- we are excited to have Star Spoofs as part of the Wikia community!

Starting a new wiki can be overwhelming, but don't worry, the Wikia Community Team is here to help! We have put together a few guides to getting started. They say imitation is the best form of flattery so absolutely check out other wikis on Wikia for ideas on layout, ways to organize your content, etc. We are all one big family at Wikia and the most important thing is to have fun!

  • Our guide to Getting Started gives you 5 things you can do right now to set your wiki up for success
  • We also put together some Advice On Starting a Wiki which provides a more a in-depth look at some of the important things you should consider when building a wiki
  • If you are new to wikis in general than we recommend checking our new user FAQ

If you need help (which trust me we ALL do) you can access our full in-depth help at Help Wikia, or email us through our contact form. Also, you can visit our live #wikia chat channel any time. A lot of the veteran "Wikians" hang out here so its a good place if come if you want to get some advice or simply make friends.

Now, go edit! We look forward to seeing this project thrive!

Best wishes, Catherine Munro


Hi Leon!

Yes, you are the first administrator for this wiki. It doesn't mean you're "in charge" of the wiki, exactly, though of course you'll be making all the decisions until other people start showing up and helping out -- it just means you have a few extra tools for helping to keep the wiki in shape. You can read about the different abilities at Help:User access levels.

It takes a little work to get things off the ground -- please just start creating articles to show other people what sort of content belongs here. They don't have to be long or complete yet (though you should try to do more than just one sentence), just provide some ideas to get people started.

You are welcome to copy articles from Wikipedia as long as you put the text "{{Wikipedia}}" (including the brackets) at the bottom to provide the necessary credit to them. This wiki doesn't have to follow the same encyclopedic rules that Wikipedia does, though -- please feel free to remove information from copied articles that you don't think is relevant to this wiki, or change the text so it's not quite so boring. :D

There's a lot more information to help you get started at the links I provided in my previous message, but please don't hesitate to contact me if you have more questions! — Catherine (talk) 20:55, 25 April 2008 (UTC)

Main page[]

Good work! Yes, I added a few things to get you started -- the Youtube videos are really fun. Learn more about using them at Help:Youtube.

You can see all the edits on your wiki by monitoring Special:Recentchanges -- there's a "recent changes" link in the side menu. You can also click the "history" link at the top of any page to see who has worked on it.

I will work on a logo when I have a little time later today. You are off to a really great start here, please keep up the good work! — Catherine (talk) 21:58, 25 April 2008 (UTC)


Hi, I'm Wendy, a helper with wikia. You've done a nice job getting started here, and I love the friendly message on your user page. If I can help you figure anything out or if you have questions please leave a message on my talk page -- I'd be happy to help! -- Wendy (talk) 22:25, 25 April 2008 (UTC)


Hey Leon. I got your request for a logo, so I made one that I thought fit the theme of the wiki (Lone Star's Winnebago from Spaceballs + The Protector from Galaxy Quest). I also made a Star Spoofs logo for the main page to replace the [INSERT COOL IMAGE] image. If you'd like me to make any changes to either of those images, or if you'd like me to make any other images, let me know. JoePlay (talk) 21:39, 1 May 2008 (UTC)

Star Spoofs New Frontier![]

Hello and Greatings from Office Depot. We have noticed a great book that must be spoofed. The title of this fenominal book is "Conquest of the Valkyrie." Oh I know what your thinking, what does this have to do with Star Wars and Star Trek? Well, It doesn't have anything with these classic titals. COTV is the APEX, the Ulimate Space Book ever created. Based off of current events, this book carves an imaginative history into the year 2015 where an evil and diabolical Race of beings threatens the lives of all that is living. This book could very well be the next universal title.

    You can contack the President of Industrial Dynotek for more information.
    (Industrial Dynotek is a brand new comapny whose web page is currently under construction)

Tuxninja reporting for duty Master Jedi[]

"A new force, found I... Yes Mh'mh'mh'mh'mh."

This new comunication link is extremely handy in a tight spot. -[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]--[:X:]- The force is strong with this Web Wiki... I can feel it!

Hello again[]

Hi. I'm sorry, but I can't contribute much content to this wiki, as I know very little about the subject. I am happy to help with formatting or setting stuff up, but that's about all I can do. I understand that you want more contributors though; are there perhaps any forums or newsgroups you are a member on where you could promote the wiki? -- Wendy (talk) 18:35, 3 June 2008 (UTC)


Hey Leonhart. I'd be glad to make you guys another logo. If you would, please add your request to the list, and I'll get to it as soon as I can. JoePlay (talk) 23:16, 17 June 2008 (UTC)

I got the new logo up. I pretty much followed the same look of the wide logo, only changing the appearance of the text (to more closely match the Star Wars logo), and removing the word "Wiki". If you want me to make any changes to it, just let me know. JoePlay (talk) 18:32, 21 June 2008 (UTC)


You seem to be inactive. I'm worried about that. --Yowuza TALK 2 ME! 13:53, 3 August 2008 (UTC)

Ok, I'll be editing, but i won't be REALLY active. Thing is, it's weird because this was inactive but it's page was created on Wikia Central was being created like it was new. That's how I discovered the wiki. --Yowuza TALK 2 ME! 16:38, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

Re:Adding things[]

I've added a couple so far, for Yoda and Star Wars Spoofs (website). --Yowuza TALK 2 ME! 10:32, 18 August 2008 (UTC)

Shared Help[]

Hi there!

I'm sorry to say I'm not here to help out with the wiki in any direct way. I'm a member of Wikia's Tech Team and can only help you with general technical issues and problems.

The reason I deleted the help pages was that we just introduced a new feature called Shared Help, a central repository of help pages. Existing help articles would cause duplicate content and so needed to be removed. You can read more about Shared Help here.

Let me know if you have any further questions or need our help. :)

Cheers, TOR 11:36, 31 October 2008 (UTC)