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Hello i am Leonhart178. I requested this wiki and am the first administrater on this wiki. Please ask me any questions that you need an awnser to. if you are not sure if you are allowed to post an article just ask me and i will tell you. but i will tell you now that if it is a Star Wars or Star Trek Spoof then you will probably be able to make an article. I will enjoy any help in constructing this wiki. This site is for Star Wars and Star Trek spoofs and parodies whether they be fan made or official... like Troops or Spaceballs. Thanks alot. if you need something please post it in my discussion area. Leonhart178 20:51, 25 April 2008 (UTC)

Imporatant Notice[]

This Wiki is not the place for foul language, general chatting, or any immoral behavior of any kind. These things will NOT be tolerated here. Please keep all comment and posts in your own (or whoever you are talking to's) Discussion page. NO flurting or cussing on the article discussion pages those are foe discussing the articles only. I just wanted to warn you about that and if you follow that rule then we will all get along just fine. I am not against making friends... but let's keep things professional here, alright. Thank You Leonhart178 00:15, 27 April 2008 (UTC)

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Star Trek: The Original Series[]

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