Star Spoofs

Trek Refrences is a collection of quick Star Trek Spoofs that are in generally movies having nothing to do with Star Trek.

"Ace Ventura: Pet Detective"[]

Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) is looking for "Snowflake" the Miami Dolphins' mascot. While in her tank he uses his sunglasses as a communicator and begins to impercinate Captain Kirk. Later in the same scene he changes his voice to that of Scotty.

"Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey"[]

While Bill and Ted are watching the Star Trek Episode "The Arena" their clone counterparts arrive and take them to the place that The episode was filmed.

"The Cabel Guy"[]

In this film Chip Douglas (Jim Carrey) takes Steven (Matthew Broderick) to Mideval Times where they go down into the arena and battles as in the Star Trek episode "Amok Time". Chip also continually calls Steven "Jim".


In Spaceballs there is a character a character like Scotty, they mention the Vulcan neck pinch, Beaming, and President Skroob complains how he doesn't know how beaming works on Star Trek.

"Veggie Tales"[]

Veggie Tales has parodied differant television shows for it's movies. In 1995's video "Are You My Neighbor?" Junior goes with Larry and Bob to the Starship the USS Applepies.

" Star Wars Episode II and III"[]

There are droids with red shoulder pads that repeatedly get killed. A Reference to Star Trek's Red Shirts.

"Adventures In Odyssey"[]

In Their Radio Episode "Hidden In My Heart" the second half of the show is a parody of the original Star Trek series. Including the Expendable Crewman who is unsure about his job.

"Final Fantasy"[]

In Final Fantasy III you get an airship called the Enterprise.