Stone Trek is an animated mish-mash parody of both 'Star Trek' and 'The Flintstones', depicting what a Stone Age version of the original Trek series might have been like on the Flintstones' TV set. Created by Brian Matthews, written by Jim Jenkins and featuring the voice of Wally Fields, the series follows the adventures of the Starship USS Magnetize.

One interesting aspect of the show was soliciting actual viewers to send photos of themselves to be caricaturized as a Redshirt character, being killed off in some comical mishap during the course of the story.


Episode Title Release
1 The Deadly Ears - part 1. 2 January 2011
Plot: A dropping party from the Magnetize is exploring a planet when a hive of alien bees takes note of Mr. Sprock's pointed ears - which they mistake for antennae, but Sprock brushes them away. The bees do not take this well and sting both of Sprock's ears - which start to grow to enormous size.
2 The Deadly Ears - part 2. 20 January 2011
3 20001 BC: A Space Oddity - part 1 8 February 2001
4 20001 BC: A Space Oddity - part 2 11 May 2001
5 Star Trekkin: 25 Sep. 2001
Plot: A music video for the parody song by UK group The Firm sees the USS Magnetize crew perform a dropping mission.
6 The Caveman Trap - part 1 2002
7 The Caveman Trap - part 2 2002
8 Marooned on Tattooine - part 1 2002
9 Marooned on Tattooine - part 2 2007
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