Star Spoofs

Star Wreck is a movie series spoofing Star Trek

The title Star Wreck is also used as an alternate title for the latest film in the series: Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning.


James B. Pirk

Mr. Spook

Mr. Info

and Mr. Dwarf


  • Star Wreck

Star Wreck was released in 1992, whose animation was based on Star Control 2.

  • Star Wreck II: The Old ****

The 1994 sequel to Star Wreck. This time, Pirk's mission is to go to the Fibula sector and destroy all enemies. This was the first time Star Wreck used rendered 3D animation.

  • Star Wreck III: Wrath Of The Romuclans

Having wrecked his ship in the previous episode, Pirk now commands a brand new starship, and is sent to investigate a Romuclan attack plan on a backwater space station. This film was released in 1995.

  • Star Wreck IV: The Kilpailu

The Kickstart is sent to take part in a competition organised by a powerful alien race, the Zarquons. Star Wreck IV was the third of four consecutive release years, comming out in 1996.

  • Star Wreck V: Lost Contact

Lost Contact was released in 1997 and ends the four consecutive film releases. The story was a parody of Star Trek: First Contact. The Korg send a ship back in time to 20th century Earth to stop first contact by assassinating rockstar Jeffrey Cochbrane before his concert attracts the attention of Vulgars. This was the first Star Wreck to use living human beings as actors, instead of animation.

  • Star Wreck 4 1/2: Weak Performance

Star Wreck 4½: Weak Performance is the sixth film in the series, made after Star Wreck V: Lost Contact.

Captain Pirk goes to the halludeck to play an adventure simulation called "Ändy Bones". Samuli's cousin plays Captain Pirk's enemy in the game. Lieutenant Kynnysmatto takes Pirk's seat while Pirk is in the game. Romuclans attack and almost destroy the CPP Potkustart while Pirk is stuck in the simulation.

In this movie Atte Joutsen appears for the first time as Lieutenant Kynnysmatto. Lieutenant Kynnysmatto is in a small role in Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, too. Atte Joutsen's main role in In the Pirkinning is Johnny K. Sherrypie.

This movie was made because the team wanted to test some effects before they began to make Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. It was also a in-joke meant for other team members; the halludeck scenes are actually taken from Ändy Bones 2, a short film the team made several years before.

While Star Wreck 4½ isn't included in the Star Wreck: Legacy DVD, the original Ändy Bones movies have been included on that DVD. Due to the demand, however, a remastered version of Star Wreck 4½ was also released later on the Internet as a downloadable DVD image.

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning is the first Finnish independently-funded feature-length film featuring high quality special effects and space battles. A parody of both Star Trek and Babylon 5, the film begins with Pirk and several of the Kickstart crew members marooned on present-day Earth after the happenings of the previous movie. Growing tired of the inconveniences and lack of respect he encounters in primitive contemporary society, Pirk decides to "assist" humanity by using Federation technology to make himself dictator of Earth and build a fleet of starships. An exploration mission crosses through a wormhole (called a "maggothole" in the film) into an alternate timeline and encounters the Babel-13 space station commanded by Captain Sherrypie. Habitable planets being in short supply, Pirk immediately decides that the logical course of action is to conquer Babel-13's alternate Earth – but soon finds that Sherrypie has no intention of allowing this without a fight.