Star Spoofs

"You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss three bucks goodbye."

The film begins with the text "Meanwhile… in another part of the galaxy… later that same day", and then we see a clothing iron fighting with a toaster and toast. After that, two robots named 4Q2 and Arty Deco escaping from the empire. After launching from the ship (a cassette player) in an escape pod (a cassette tape), they land on the desert planet (a watermelon). They are found by young Fluke Starbucker, where he finds a video saved on Arty Deco. It is a loop of Princess Ann Droid saying "Help me Augie Ben Doggie, you're my only hope". Upon meeting Augie Ben Doggie, Fluke receives his father's lightsaber (a flashlight). After tricking the Imperial Steam Trooper guards to let them into the city, they reach a cantina, which is "too weird". Upon entering its revealed to be a country and western bar where they meet Ham Salad and Chewchilla the Wookie Monster. Meanwhile, Darph Nader is interrogating the princess. When she refuses to talk (mainly because she can't understand him), he blows up her peaceful home planet, Basketball (the name speaks for itself).

After a light speed chase, Fluke, Ham, Augie and the rest are sucked into the enemy base (a waffle iron). After they rescue the princess, Augie Ben Doggie chooses to stay behind (in response, he is called a martyr by the rest of the group). Their spaceship is next assaulted by bits of trash, which makes Chewchilla jittery until he spies Princess Ann-Droid's hair whorls, which are cinnamon rolls stuck on her head. Taking after the Cookie Monster, he eats one.

The last scene of the movie involves Fluke flying in a squad of spaceships (bottle openers), presumably to attack the waffle iron. On his way, Fluke is told to use the force by the ghost of Augie (who we assume is dead). Because this short film is a parody of a "coming attractions" teaser, the destruction of the enemy base is not shown, nor is there any victory celebration. The movie ends with the saying "And may The Farce be with you", in a mockery of the famous Star Wars lines. At the very end of the credits, we are told that the movie was "filmed on location in space," and then the statement "no animals were killed in the making of this film", which at that time started to appear in feature films, is ridiculed.

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